History – Aschau

Dynamit Nobel AG establishes a plant in Aschau am Inn in Bavaria for the production of nitrocellulose.

Wasag-Chemie AG in Essen founds WNC Nitrochemie GmbH; the former nitrocellulose factory goes back into operation. At first, only nitrocellulose (guncotton) for lacquer, celluloid and dynamite is produced.

Establishment of a production facility for mono-base propelling powder, as well as a research and development unit for double- and triple-base propelling powders.

Full-scale production of mono-base propelling powder commences.

The Aschau plant commences the series production of multiple-base propelling powders, as well as the loading of explosives into shells and demolition charges.

WNC Nitrochemie begins manufacturing chemical intermediates for civilian industry.
By taking over the remaining 25-percent-share in the company, Wasag-Chemie AG of Essen becomes the sole owner of Nitrochemie.

A pilot plant is established at the company for developing and producing combustible cartridge components; full-scale production commences in 1980.

Wasag carries out additional restructuring measures: Wasag-Chemie GmbH is dissolved; a new company, WNC Nitrochemie GmbH, is formed from the units in Aschau serving the chemicals and defence technology sectors.

At WNC Nitrochemie, pilot lot production of diglycol stick powder commences, developed for use in the multipurpose ammunition for the 120 mm smoothbore gun of the Leopard 2 main battle tank.

Rheinmetall Industrie GmbH acquires a 70-percent-interest WNC Nitrochemie GmbH.

Construction of a biological wastewater treatment facility begins.

Effective January 1st 1994, WNC Nitrochemie becomes a wholly owned subsidiary of Rheinmetall.

The company wins certification under DIN ISO 9001.

Series production of the Modular Propelling Charge System (MTLS) commences.

Rheinmetall Industrie AG – owned WNC Nitrochemie GmbH of Aschau and the "Powder & Charges" division of SM Schweizerische Munitionsunternehmung AG of Wimmis, Switzerland, are merged to form the new Nitrochemie AG, headquartered in Wimmis. The Aschau plant has since traded under the name Nitrochemie Aschau GmbH.

The company enters a strategic partnership with a Royal Ordnance Defence Ltd. unit in Filton, England, becoming the sole supplier of multiple-base powder and combustible components to Britain's most important ammunition manufacturer.

The commissioning of a new process-supported production facility marks the conclusion of the "Chemical Production" expansion programme.

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