Propulsion systems

High-performance propellants and propulsions systems for
civilian and defence applications

Besides artillery and mortar charge systems, Nitrochemie develops and manufactures artillery charges and propellants for large-, medium- and small-calibre applications, as well as combustible cast parts such as cartridge cases.

These include the MTLS modular propelling charge system, developed for long-range self-propelled howitzers and field howitzers with high rates of fire, high-performance components for ammunition systems and the unique El propellant which was developed specifically for use in modern mortar charge systems.

Its product range also encompasses a wide variety of propellant powders for hunting cartridges and sporting weapons.

Nitrochemie applies its defence technology expertise to special purposes in the automotive and aviation industries as well, and in medical and fastening applications. Major automotive component makers for instance turn to the Nitrochemie Group for products used in seat belt tighteners.

Rheinmetall’s corporate philosophy calls for complete control of the production process, meaning that it not only produces propellant powder in house, but also the precursors and intermediate products such as nitrocellulose and propellant pastes. This way, it is able to ensure full adherence to the highest standards of quality at every stage of production.

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