Our employees

Efforts to ensure market leadership and a technologically predominant position in the field of land forces technology place high demands on the skills and motivation of Rheinmetall's workforce. It is therefore an important long-term goal of personnel policy to enthuse committed and ingenious employees for these challenges.

The targeted advancement of know-how, achievement potential and a willingness to work hard is a key area of HR development policy. Employees are asked and encouraged to generate ideas, see beyond their immediate working environment and develop solutions to demanding tasks.

Alongside the principles of personal responsibility and consistent delegation of tasks to the place of activity, Rheinmetall's management system is based on the strong performance and profit orientation of all employees. In order to support this process Rheinmetall Defence has therefore introduced the management by objectives (MBO) program for all levels above the non-exempt pay scales, including a profit-sharing incentive scheme for senior executives.