Personnel and management development

Only through welltrained and committed employees who identify with their duties and are aware of their responsibility to the customer can the high-quality products and services which the market and customers expect come about in continuously improving processes.

Nitrochemie employs the latest instruments of management and HR development such as agreements on objectives, performancebased pay, and regular analyses of potentials. The aim is to actively involve the employees in the process of value enhancement, harnessing their expertise and momentum, and deploying individuals where their talents are best applied.

Nitrochemie relies on its ability to spot early on, and make the most of, the individual skills, talents and potentials of its employees. For those wanting to face new challenges, the group offers a broad array of development opportunities, not only in classical management careers. Nitrochemie is especially interested in technologists and in order to open up for such candidates attractive career prospects, many of the group companies offer opportunities in technical careers.