Acid chlorides

Acid chlorides are an important product group within the pharmaceutical and chemical industry. Nitrochemie offers a broad spectrum of production possibilities in this area with reactions on the basis of phosphor trichloride, chlorosulphuric acid and thionyl chloride.

Reactions with PCl3

Reactions with HSO3Cl

Reactions with SOCl2

Acid chloridesCAS
Acetyl Chloride73-36-5
2-Ethylhexanoyl Chloride760-67-8
Cyclohexancarbonyl Chloride2719-27-9
P-Touoyl Chloride874-60-2
P-Methoxybenzoyl Chloride100-07-2
3,4,5-Trimethoxybenzoyl Chloride4521-61-3
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